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By January 10, 2020mind

The start of new year, we are going to make promises to ourselves?
It is the same story every year, more exercise, diet, be better person, have more leisure time, and so on. I decided 2020 will be year of “Recognition”, I will be more aware, vigilant, to deal with what is not right, in my life or around me, I will face it head on, deal with it instead of it festering like wound. Deal with issues as they arise. I will start 2020 allowing myself to feel empowered with this simple task

Let me share with you how this arose, in my psyche, it is all down to the habits and ways of two small animals, they can teach us so much if we just take the time to watch listen.

During the holiday period I found myself in area where I bought my puppy from 8 years ago, I thought it would be good idea to go visit the breeder to see if my boy recognized his mother. I was not disappointed on the contrary, what I observed was two dogs, mother and son, fussing over each other, tales wagging sniffing around each other like two kids in play pen, my instinct was correct, I had felt this for some time.

I realized that when there is connection even though eight years have past, the bond is still there.

How many of you out there have not seen, spoken to, our built bridges with family or friends whom you have not connected with for some years?
I am sure multiples, but silence is not always golden, there will be those out there in great pain because of lack of contact. Brothers Sisters Mothers Fathers, friends, husband wives, grand children who cannot see their grand parents. I am certain endless stream, of pain. Surrounded with air of anger, greed jealousy, nastiness, unforgiving.

Why do we hold on to such negativity I have no doubt we recognize it, so its new decade time to do something about it?

Let 2020 be your year of Recognition, you have nothing to loose.

Recognition or realization of situations we do not want to face. Its so easy for us to turn our back, bury our head in sand, pretend that whatever that situation is personal or business will go away or we wont have to deal with it

It could be some kind of financial situation that you find yourself in, may be you played the market and thought you recognized trend that later back fired, or may be you did not handle your finances smartly.

Whatever the recognition, your not seeing or realizing, a time when you need to say Its new decade going forward I am going to deal head on whatever I see, feel or recognize is not right. In doing so I will be allowing not only myself but any others in the situation to have clarity and also peace mind

Just as my delightful Labrador recognized his mama I want to remind you that you have responsibility to yourselves friends colleagues to recognize when something is not right, face it head on put it right.

You will feel so much better in doing so.

I wish you all a happy blessed 2020


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