The Dating Game

  • Are you struggling finding your soul mate?
  • Are you confused with the people your dating?
  • Do you feel constantly, disappointed?
  • Do you ask yourself, why can’t I find a good relationship?
  • Are you frustrated, trying to understand their behavior, patterns and moods?
  • Have you been cheated, let down, humiliated?
  • Are you forever, asking is this the right one for me?

This is obviously a problem that needs to be sorted out.

The obvious answer, out there, is join the ten million who go on line to find that certain someone. Too have access to many potential partners, whom you would not find in your daily life. Your given a personality test to match you with a suitable mate. This can however be flawed, there are so many different variants of persons life, ways, cultures, This approach can take you away from someone who may be the right one

I can give you answers to the questions that trouble you, with your relationships I have worked for the last thirty years with hundreds of clients, just like you. I have wonderful gift of second sight, it allows me to see the minute details of persons life, through a visualization process, I am able to give new perspective on whatever is troubling, or confusing.

My client Joanna, was desprate after the death of her husband to meet a man, she was on line daily, chatting, looking for someone, she met several people, one in particular she was attracted to, they dated for few months, until she got text saying he did not want to see her anymore. It destroyed her confidence, selfworth, depression, so much pain. It could have been avoided, if she had only been more careful with her selection.

She did not see warning signs, or what to look for, until I was able to let her see that she was looking with her heart! instead of her heart and head. If you have structure, insight, know what to look for It can make hell of difference, how you deal with people.

Another client, Laura, was madly in love with an architect from Reykjavik, he was the one, they had spoken for over three months on the telephone/computer, this had convinced her she had a relationship and was in love. You cannot have relationship with voice on computer, yes, you can have communication, but sweet words, promises of future is not love. It was Laura’s vulnerability, desire to be needed, wanted, that caused the issue made her blind to the reality of the situation. When she consulted me, I was able to give her clarity by looking into the psyche of this man, In doing so explained what was going on, what he was looking for was money, I showed her why how, I was right. It was incredibly disappointing but saved great deal of pain and loss going forward.

I can help you, understand, your emotions, show you how to navigate your on line experience. I can look into the psyche of male or female who you date, if you send me their photograph This will let me see into them, moods, what effects them, if they have any issues within their soul from the last relationship I can see if they have another person they are seeing as well as you Understand their values, what they want from the relationship. Take my hand let me guide you to deeper sense knowing and clarity

This information will help you to understand who your dealing with, you will feel more in control, calmer, self-assured. It will answer your questions, put doubt into perspective. If you feel in control, you will feel empowered, strong capable, it will boost your confidence. It will teach you to value yourself and who you are as person. Validation of self will make you realize; you have great worth. You will be more cautious who you allow into your close space.


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