About Susan King

Susan is well-known around the globe as a Master Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Emotional Healer, and Meditation Instructor. She is sought by many who are looking for clarity and peace of mind in the midst of chaos and confusion in their lives. Susan travels all over the world to holistically address the growing needs of her clients and conducts most of her work across New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Susan is known as a very genuine and down to earth person, and what many consider“a breath of fresh air.” She is positive, joyful, socially outgoing with a calm energy and warm grounded understanding that attracts even the most ‘hard to reach’ individuals. Susan discovered her intuitive gift at a very young age and since then, her intuition has gone through a complete metamorphosis, positioning her as a leader in Holistic Wellness.

In addition to intuitive counseling, she is a highly experienced Meditation Teacher, qualified by the British School of Meditation (BSOM), teaching people how to adapt the exercises into their daily lives for enhanced wellbeing. She is also an Indian Head Masseuse and brings this to any session to give her clients a deep state of relaxation.