Mind Body Spirit

Three key parts need to be in sync

Over the last twenty years I have discovered through my work and personally that the mind, body spirit, are connected. The body is the home/temple of the spirit, and in order to feel totally at one and peace with your self then these three key parts of us have to be in total harmony, because if they are not then we have issues.

So how do we take care of these key parts? We nurture the body, we respect it, we put the right food into it, keep it clean, we rest when we feel tired, and we awake when we are fresh. The body will speak to us if we listen, it will tell us what it needs; if you crave foods the body seeks something in that craving. By listening, to this we are “aware”

The mind “Is like a naughty child” said Dale Carnegie; it will lead us where we allow it. A healthy mind is a positive mind, if we have a splinter in our finger we pull it out, what do we do with a negative thought in our mind? We need to extract this in the same way, so we can feel light again. There are various ways to do this, and this will help harmonize the inner self. So the need to keep our mind an open channel also helps us to be more aware!

The body houses our spirit, which is the none physical part of our body. Our soul, emotions feelings, we cannot see it, but it rests within us, and it is our guide, radar and we need to nurture it, and listen to it. It is cradled by the mind and body.

All of the above create awareness, this in turn creates knowledge of our being, and this spells out to us that we know who we are, and in this we are allowed choices. We are our own guide and strength.

If your feeling out of balance, unsure, stressed, anxious, worried, and looking for guidance then look no further, email me and I will help you and give you clarity and help you heal your emotions. When we off load we become light, in mind body and spirit. Emotional healing is for the whole of you, those three key parts, Mind body spirit, blend to give a happy holistic wellness of being.

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