Find Your Peace

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Peace of mind, body spirit has been sought since time began. It is an inner state of mind,  which  we are  blind too most of the time.

Relationship upsets, personal or business, making sense of those around you, affects your mood, tearing at your thoughts on daily basis takes away your inner peace. Confusion with your emotions, decision making, lack of clarity,  conflicted, is recipe for no  peace, It will effect your sleep patterns, mood, happiness, causing, blindness to the beauty and essence of your life. You must take  control of your mind.

Allow me to help you  reclaim  peace of mind. I can see your perceptions whether they are positive or negative. What you perceive  will influence every part of your well being. Looking at where you are, how you arrived at this point. I  will explain, teach you to see your situation with renewed eyes, understand the behavior patterns of those around you, which affect your personal happiness. Allowing yourself to see your life in positive way will effectively uplift  your wellbeing, inviting, creating positive experience.

By this awareness of your perceptions, making the choice to focus on the positive will lead  to transformation of heart, mind, bestowing greater fulfillment a more peaceful soul.

Allow me to guide you.


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Fear is a very unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm, I know that emotional  fear is the one thing that has plagued all of us at various times in our life
If I had dollar for everyone who said to me I will never marry again, or I will never trust again.
What we need to realize is that most of the emotional fear is not about what we are facing, its fear from what has happened in the past, for what is ahead of us is in the now imaginary.
So your emotional fear is based on something in the air, you can only think of it in the past tense.
Yet thoughts of the past inhibit you, make you hesitant it dulls your mind, subdues your mood, creates an energy of for-boding as if your about to have your head slammed with great waves of pain.
Take second to grasp that, you are not afraid of anything because its not happening its past!
Who can control your mind? The answer can only be you.
If you are constantly living in the I have emotional fear, you are owning an imaginary place
I feel I cannot be sure, I feel I always have bad luck, I feel my relationships all go wrong, the “I” taking you down a very dark road
You’re actually allowing your mind to live in an imaginary place, just like fairy story. 
Let me put this to you, if you break your leg when the cast is taken off are you going to demand wheel chair because your afraid to try walk again?
Is that really something that is going to happen to you? Or are you going to stand up and move forwards slowly gathering confidence.
Then why not apply the same value to your emotional fear! You have nothing to loose and a world of freedom peace of mind to gain
There is no sure way to fail than never try!
I am in Chicago, 11th May to 19th May 2019, so please get in contact if you need support.