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The start of new year, we are going to make promises to ourselves?
It is the same story every year, more exercise, diet, be better person, have more leisure time, and so on. I decided 2020 will be year of “Recognition”, I will be more aware, vigilant, to deal with what is not right, in my life or around me, I will face it head on, deal with it instead of it festering like wound. Deal with issues as they arise. I will start 2020 allowing myself to feel empowered with this simple task

Let me share with you how this arose, in my psyche, it is all down to the habits and ways of two small animals, they can teach us so much if we just take the time to watch listen.

During the holiday period I found myself in area where I bought my puppy from 8 years ago, I thought it would be good idea to go visit the breeder to see if my boy recognized his mother. I was not disappointed on the contrary, what I observed was two dogs, mother and son, fussing over each other, tales wagging sniffing around each other like two kids in play pen, my instinct was correct, I had felt this for some time.

I realized that when there is connection even though eight years have past, the bond is still there.

How many of you out there have not seen, spoken to, our built bridges with family or friends whom you have not connected with for some years?
I am sure multiples, but silence is not always golden, there will be those out there in great pain because of lack of contact. Brothers Sisters Mothers Fathers, friends, husband wives, grand children who cannot see their grand parents. I am certain endless stream, of pain. Surrounded with air of anger, greed jealousy, nastiness, unforgiving.

Why do we hold on to such negativity I have no doubt we recognize it, so its new decade time to do something about it?

Let 2020 be your year of Recognition, you have nothing to loose.

Recognition or realization of situations we do not want to face. Its so easy for us to turn our back, bury our head in sand, pretend that whatever that situation is personal or business will go away or we wont have to deal with it

It could be some kind of financial situation that you find yourself in, may be you played the market and thought you recognized trend that later back fired, or may be you did not handle your finances smartly.

Whatever the recognition, your not seeing or realizing, a time when you need to say Its new decade going forward I am going to deal head on whatever I see, feel or recognize is not right. In doing so I will be allowing not only myself but any others in the situation to have clarity and also peace mind

Just as my delightful Labrador recognized his mama I want to remind you that you have responsibility to yourselves friends colleagues to recognize when something is not right, face it head on put it right.

You will feel so much better in doing so.

I wish you all a happy blessed 2020

Positive Mind

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This simple story gave me inspiration hope. Having positive mind, is an huge asset

Ann Rose, looked all of her 94 years, silver hair, neat bun on back of her head, golden skin and bright blue twinkle eyes she was in a local cafe, having tea and toast it was her mid morning snack, a few tables away, were group of young people Ann rose was listening to all that was going on around her. The young group, were moaning about everything from the weather to the bacon on their plates. It was a rough blustery day in the coastal town, but intermittent sun with no rain, made it pleasant

The door opened a gust of wind blew the edges of the checkered blue table cloths. A small child on crutches made his way through the door, a ginger haired lad with face full of freckles, he went to a seat in the corner, with his older companion You could see the delight on the boys face when served, with a hot mug of chocolate with whipped cream on top, the glow of his energy was like moon beam on starry night. He was partially crippled, though he was not defined by his handicap. His positive energy made his face light up like Christmas tree.

Ann rose took a big breath and said out loud to the group on the table by her side. I have been here for 94 years, the one thing that has kept me going all of this time is the way I look for the positive, and the brightness in whatever I see or deal with.
She went on to say “ We are sat in a beautiful little cafe, the pretty colors on walls, the quaint tea pots, cups, the view out of the window lets us people watch. The smell of hot food, cooking and bubbling, sending out the most delicious aromas, how thankful I am to sit here to see and smell all these things around me. I am so grateful. She turned to the young people sat at the side of her, and told them she had heard them complain, she told them they could make their world so much happier if they tried to look at the their life in positive way. Listen she said, You all walked here without problem, you had money in your pockets to pay for the lovely food you are eating. I even heard one of you order more toast. Life is what you make of it, do yourselves favor, look for the positive not the negative. It will change your mind set and out look on life.

The moral of this story is, be grateful for what you have, lift your head up, leave the moaning, mumbles groaning behind you. Do an Ann Rose, see through the clouds to your sunshine


Find Your Peace

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Peace of mind, body spirit has been sought since time began. It is an inner state of mind,  which  we are  blind too most of the time.

Relationship upsets, personal or business, making sense of those around you, affects your mood, tearing at your thoughts on daily basis takes away your inner peace. Confusion with your emotions, decision making, lack of clarity,  conflicted, is recipe for no  peace, It will effect your sleep patterns, mood, happiness, causing, blindness to the beauty and essence of your life. You must take  control of your mind.

Allow me to help you  reclaim  peace of mind. I can see your perceptions whether they are positive or negative. What you perceive  will influence every part of your well being. Looking at where you are, how you arrived at this point. I  will explain, teach you to see your situation with renewed eyes, understand the behavior patterns of those around you, which affect your personal happiness. Allowing yourself to see your life in positive way will effectively uplift  your wellbeing, inviting, creating positive experience.

By this awareness of your perceptions, making the choice to focus on the positive will lead  to transformation of heart, mind, bestowing greater fulfillment a more peaceful soul.

Allow me to guide you.


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Fear is a very unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm, I know that emotional  fear is the one thing that has plagued all of us at various times in our life
If I had dollar for everyone who said to me I will never marry again, or I will never trust again.
What we need to realize is that most of the emotional fear is not about what we are facing, its fear from what has happened in the past, for what is ahead of us is in the now imaginary.
So your emotional fear is based on something in the air, you can only think of it in the past tense.
Yet thoughts of the past inhibit you, make you hesitant it dulls your mind, subdues your mood, creates an energy of for-boding as if your about to have your head slammed with great waves of pain.
Take second to grasp that, you are not afraid of anything because its not happening its past!
Who can control your mind? The answer can only be you.
If you are constantly living in the I have emotional fear, you are owning an imaginary place
I feel I cannot be sure, I feel I always have bad luck, I feel my relationships all go wrong, the “I” taking you down a very dark road
You’re actually allowing your mind to live in an imaginary place, just like fairy story. 
Let me put this to you, if you break your leg when the cast is taken off are you going to demand wheel chair because your afraid to try walk again?
Is that really something that is going to happen to you? Or are you going to stand up and move forwards slowly gathering confidence.
Then why not apply the same value to your emotional fear! You have nothing to loose and a world of freedom peace of mind to gain
There is no sure way to fail than never try!
I am in Chicago, 11th May to 19th May 2019, so please get in contact if you need support.

Love is in the Air

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Valentines day is here again, loves in the air, but not for everyone.

If you are one of the many relationship seekers who have been repeatedly disillusioned in the past, you may understandably be wary of future relationships.

It is difficult for most people to keep believing in lasting love when they have experienced too many failures.  Though it may be  understandable for discouraged daters to become bitter, or cynical, when you have this attitude it creates a barrier, that is picked up subconsciously by anyone who may approach you.

Our energy sends out signals all time, feeling negative may seem like protection but it creates a barrier.

You have wall around yourself  like moat (water) around castle

I know how you feel, Under valued, angry, frustrated. I can help you understand your partner, give you insight into their psyche, emotional healing

Perhaps you want some insight into the photo of  your on line date. I can give you a parapsychological  analysis, which may help you navigate your time together.

We possess,  so much inner knowledge, we can tap into, if we know how, or know what to be aware of.

Love is blind only if you want it to be.

Please  let me shine some light for you.  Whatever your situation in love, or looking for love, allow me to shine some light for you.  Making sense of  habits, rejection, infidelities, the reasons are endless, but the answers can haunt us, because one and one are not adding up to two

A tormented mind is an unhappy mind, clarity will give peace, help with choices, and emotional healing.

I will also be guesting on LA Radio, 18th February, 5pm on Jamie Bronstein show, which is all about Relationships.
Handling people from all walks of life is key to our peace of mind.


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Feelings……we always remember how we felt.

Following the death of President Bush, Sully his service dog accompanied the former president’s remains to Washington DC for the state funeral. The world caught view of the dog sleeping next to the coffin.

He was trained to help, to do simple tasks we all take for granted. He only spent a short time with the former President, from mid 2018 but Sully gave help, kindness, understanding his masters needs, with fierce loyalty, he left a profound feeling on the congregation and world at large who tuned in we will never forget that day, because the over whelming feelings that Sully left on all those who looked on.

Sully warmed the hearts of nation, he served his master with diligence, a strong support, he will go on doing this for the foreseeable future We admire such loyalty but why is it that we struggle so much to be loyal ourselves. This is not just a quality of animals.

How we make each other feel is very important, because we can make or break the feel good factor of those around us. You will always be remembered for the feeling you left a person with. Your words, or thoughts can be forgotten like dust blowing in wind, but how you left them feeling will be ingrained in their subconscious.

Every action we take, what we say, will arouse feelings, Take moment to scan your memory what feelings stick in your mind what action created that memory to live with you for years, good or bad.

Imagine how person who is deaf hears for the first time, or when a blind person can see again, after living in darkness Or the depth of feelings if someone has been lost within themselves then suddenly feel awake again.

One of the most profound feelings I have experienced, was watching the INVICTUS games, the name is derived from the Latin which means unconquered It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded sick and injured service personnel and personifies what these gracious men and women achieve post their injuries. The games harness the power of sport to inspire recovery.

Loosing a body part, has a devastating effect depression will be one first strong emotions, perhaps with thoughts of suicide, Sport helps them to recover, invictus games challenges minds, changes lives.

Watching these men and women challenge themselves, through sport, fills anyone who cares to watch or even stop to think about it, with admiration, making one feel strong, feeling that challenge is not just about physical body but determination of mind soul.

The new year is here 2019, blasts forth at midnight on December 31st, during the coming year stop and think before you act remember, not just your feelings but others, think before you speak, your actions can have good or negative effect, choose words carefully Where ever you go whatever you do leave in the minds of those whom you come across with good feelings in their heart for that is representation of who you are.

Just as Sully the service dog left us with feelings of loyalty tenderness, hope compassion that we will never forget. I wish everyone Happy, Peaceful, Healthy New Year, filled with fun light and laughter.


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I was in small cafe last week, I ordered a salad  lemon water,  looked around  for seat. Lunch time was just over still very busy, a couple in front of me remarked we are not sitting there next to that old man. So I quickly grabbed the seat. As I opened my salad, I looked up and said hello, he was stooped over his cup of tea, his head hung down, he was smartly dressed, clean shaven gray hair neatly cut, and lines of wisdom etched on his face. He nodded and smiled. I found this elderly gentlemen quite fascinating, because he was just people watching. I said to him, I am sure this era is very different to when you were young, I wanted to hear about his day, hence me asking.

Oh yes he said, there was none of these cafe’s internet, packaged foods, we had to make our own entertainment, we had a community people rallied together, if someone was in trouble, we would all pitch in. It was safe to walk in the street, without fear of being attacked for what is in your pocket. We did not have lot food, we had ration books, cup sugar once week, if we were lucky. But there was great sense of togetherness, you never felt alone a helping hand open door, someone alway around to talk to or with. In the war we did not have much, but we appreciated what we did have. He started to tell me about his father who was at one time a soldier, he said the soldiers in that era were called Tommy’s. Oh why was that I asked, Well when the French wanted to speak to British soldier in the trenches they would shout out Tommy, to get attention. Hence the word has stuck, you don’t hear about it much today but Tommy was a word everyone knew. My father told me at the night it was very hard in the trenches, because he was so cold, mud, dirt, all around, guns being fired. When I was boy we used to have to get up in the middle of the night and go to the shelters, that was world war 2. We would often go to bed hungry, but it was ok because we had each other, that is what community  brings, you feel part of. Today everything is divided.

I listened intently to this story, almost an hour had gone by. I thanked the man who told me his name was Bertie,  before he stood up, he shook my hand, thank you he said I have had wonderful day, your the first person I have had conversation  with for two months. Before Bertie went I said to him he was wonderful story teller, I asked him would he be interested  in telling some stories. Yes he replied, I have lived alone for some 10 years since my wife Vera passed, my children are in Australia, just me on Jessie my black cat. Give me your address I am sure I can help.

It made me realize how many people in the world are lonely, if your 10 or 90 years old you can still feel lonely, no one has anytime. So many divisions in society  exist, with politics, varying views, cultures religions  language  barriers, People need to unite, divisions are negative they separate,  people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.. It costs nothing to help someone who is lonely, this gentlemen made me see just how selfish we can be, only looking at our own needs. I spent one hour of my day eating lunch which  made someone feel they had voice which  mattered. By listening I showed I cared, there was relevance purpose in what he said. Do you know anyone who may be lonely?  If you put your thinking cap on some will spring to mind. The break down of communities, transient  work force, you’ll be amazed how many people you know are lonely. May be they lost partner a job, no confidence, perhaps a child has lost parent. Whatever the case, it is a symptom  in our society, that causes stress, depression, anxiety that can affect health. It is a real problem in this century, even the British government have a minister specifically for this topic. A smile, a hug, hello, how are you? How is your day, Can I help you? Simplicity with a massive meaning. Open your eyes, be aware,  an act of kindness for lonely soul, will make their day, it will make you feel worthwhile 🙂 Try it and see.

Massage, Self-Care and Wellness

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One of the great things about my work is that I am able to visit various locations of Como Hotels and Resorts. I was there Late April to early May 2017, as part of the Curry sisters yoga retreat.
In addition to nature, the environment, and the cuisine, one of the greatest gifts at this resort is the skills of the Balinese and expatriate Therapists,
After a long week, I decided to have a massage with NEFRAT, a tall, well built Balinese man with huge hands that had the touch of a lamb. Comoshambhala, the Spa/wellness resort, overlooks the wetlands on the back side of  the resort, with the sound of birds and nature adding to the soothing, the relaxing. Comoshambhala combines modern science with ancient healing.
I decided to have the Comoshambhala signature massage.  This employs a mixture of signature oils blended together. The massage calms the mind, soothes away stress and totally re-balances the body.  I walked into the room with its white walls and view over the wetlands, climbed onto the table, and drifted into sheer bliss.
My therapist swept his hands from the top of my head to the end of my foot, long strokes crushing the knotted muscles.  The long strokes lulled my being into deep relaxation. After one side was completed he then covered me over with soft spun cotton, and did the same sweeping strokes on the other side of my body. A hot towel was then swept over my feet and I turned over. How I wished I did not have to move, but alas, the upper part of my body was nourished in just the same way, long sweeping strokes with hands that knew exactly where every knot lurked beneath the skin. The treatment was finished with the intricate space of my head, till i was rejuvenated from head to toe. The mind, body and spirit are nurtured, and all my inner and outer creases were swept away.
What is so nurturing at Comoshambhala, is each therapist brings a little bit of Asia to their work, that unique, safe, caring and gentle energy.  When cultivated into the Comoshambhala signature massage it is a total winner with everyone.
If you cannot get to the resort, then try the Urban Comoshambhala in Miami (Metropolitan Miami by Como) or the Urban Escape in London Park Lane, and Bangkok.
Wellness does not have to be a word that you keep reading, it is a therapy you can indulge yourself in on a weekly basis.  Massage is an excellent opportunity to experience this.  Seek, and you will find.
– Susan King Intuitive, Emotional Healer, Spiritual Advisor

How Do I Cope With Our Relationship?

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Do not dwell on the past or dream of the future but concentrate on life in the present, in the moment…..

I have met many people from all walks of life, the common denominator between all of us is we all suffer the same pain. Emotional pain in any relationship affects our heart. When we have pain from our partners we also have to understand and heal, to have closure and peace of mind.

Gloria was in her early 60’s she was bright bubbly and attractive, she had all the trappings in life she could want, and she was more than secure financially, homes in UK and France, world travel, and two adult daughters and two grandchildren. Her husband, the second, she had dated for over ten years, he too was on his second marriage, and had two daughters and one son, who were all established in life.

She worried about their relationship; why does he not propose marriage? Why? They lived in her country house, and enjoyed a wide circle of friends and had a good social life. This need for legal commitment grew and in time, the thoughts of what if?

What about if in 15 years I die? Or what if something happened to him? What about the house, the monies the pensions… something needs to be sorted out.

But in this relationship Gloria was hell bent on marriage, so with nowhere else to go for either they married, after a 12 year courtship.

Now Gloria is still not happy she has a wonderful life style but is lonely as he spends all this time in his own world, in the study, on his computer doing his own thing. Gloria feels totally sad and unfulfilled with the relationship, it is like living with her brother, but nowhere else to go.

I told her to look at her life, become involved in the hobbies and interests she likes, and this would fill a gap, not necessarily make her feel loved but at least, it will give her some balance.

Talk to him don’t try and change him, plan more things together, were you socialise -and don’t feel the victim, you’re not!  You have what you set out to get. If you had let nature take its course you may not have wanted what you thought you did.

So Live in the moment, not the past or the future, and look at your relationships whoever they are with, in an objective realistic way.

If you are having problems with a relationship and would like a consultation with Susan please leave a message below or, if preferred, use the contact form.

Awareness Of The Mind Body And Spirit

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We have all seen in the news recently  the Oprah Winfrey interview with Lance Armstrong! I saw snippets of the talk, and I was instantly drawn to the fact that Lance must have been in a disharmonious mode for many years. Because the mind, and body would have been totally out of sync with his being, of spirit

We all can be out of sync, and it is important we try to see our Mind Body Spirit connection because it is our balance, we can all have harmony within – even in times of crisis, if we are aware of these components. Each day take a moment to think how during the day or the coming week we can pay attention to ourselves.

Think about what we are eating, how we are going to use our body, walking and  light exercise, and take some time each day to listen to your inner self, even if it is only five minutes a day. Your spirit will send thoughts into your mind for you to decipher.

I wish Lance Armstrong, on his journey for peace and realisation, harmony of his Mind Body Spirit connection. For he is on the journey of putting all that has been fragmented together.

Focus on what is good and wholesome in your life, what you would do, what would make you happy, think about how you can sync your mind body and spirit.

Take a leaf from Buddha, think about it, pure wisdom, incorporate this into your daily life….


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

 If you would like more information about how to reconcile your mind, body and spirit please leave a comment below of use the contact page to contact Susan.