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Intuitive Psychic Counselling

Intuitive Psychic Counselling

Our intuition is our deep inner knowing, our innate wisdom and it can lead us to a path of highest good. Intuitive counselling is the practice of accessing inner wisdom through the help and guidance of another, and Susan King has more than 25 years experience in this field.


A consultation with Susan is like sitting with your best friend; her calm, well grounded and caring manner will put you instantly at ease. Through visual creativity she will guide you through whatever is troubling or confusing and in doing so will leave you with clarity and a sense of up-liftedness, to go forward with renewed vigour and new choices.

Working With You At a Distance

If you are five miles away or five hundred miles away the results of a consultation are the same and do not require you to be there. Consultations can be done by voice, on the telephone or internet, or by using a photograph. The process by which Susan works is the same.