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We have all been in love, what a wonderful feeling it is, your stomach performs somersault’s, your face is constantly lit up like light bulb, you can’t wait to see them, you count the minutes hours days, we can thank the hormone dopamine for this excited rush of emotion.

It over takes us, we feel that without this person we cannot be, we hang on even when it is not right because this intense feeling grips us with mighty force, we a skip breath at the sight of them.

It is not surprising, when this wonderful romance goes wrong, we become depressed, anxious, we cannot eat sometimes we can’t stop crying. Nothing can take away the pain. Why don’t they want to be with me anymore? What have I done? they ask themselves. It makes no sense, no matter how much they search they cannot find an answer, which then causes a negative outlook on themselves. They have no vision of who they are, an extension of what used to be, talk over with friends, who become so tiered of laboring point they distance themselves. Lost alone sad. Life can also be cruel, it may take a loved one in many different ways not just a mishap in relationship’s, death, illness……

In the 21st century, we hunt for love, the many dating app’s encourage to swipe left for no right for yes, is this the right way? I am sure it’s fun, perhaps find that special person, but many don’t. It encourages women to go for man, makes no difference if he prefers to chase, the 21st century romance, is about hunting for what you want conquering. Can you really hunt for that person? Internet technology would have us believe if we don’t then we have no chance. I don’t believe that, do you? Whatever happened to the best things in life are free? In present time looking for love can be costly.

I have been given a wonderful gift, which has matured over thirty years, I have also been guided. A spirit who has been with me since I was child, helping me to fine tune this gift of second sight, taught me a sort of Highway Code of relationships, its his lessons I want to share, to give new horizons, to recognize the signs we are always shown but ignore. A highway to allow you to take your world, put you back on Track, mind body spirit. A new mental awareness! Deep healing of your fragile emotions

What gives me the edge on dealing with these problems, I am able to look into the minute details of peoples lives, giving pin point accuracy why the situation is like it is, how it manifested, what feelings were with both parties, then and now. Powerful statement, but one that allows me to give, hope comfort peace new perspective to those who consult me. It may be dark but the sun will always come’s up over horizon in the morning. Because that is the Order, all life has an Order, we cannot change this process.

My soul purpose is to help people, to give light where their is darkness, offering insights, healing, allowing to see another portrait of your story, giving hope, clarity, renewed sense of self, building confidence putting you back on track. These are some of the issues we will deal with, during the coming weeks. A wonderful emotional transformation!

  • How to heal your wounds
  • Look at your value system
  • Know what makes you tick.
  • Learn how to give yourself Love Kindness
  • Learn how to calm, control your mind
  • Learn how to become more aware
  • Learn to connect with your soul