Inspiration For Looking at Life at the Start of The New Year

By January 17, 2013 February 17th, 2015 mind body spirit

What is the greatest thing you can give to another person in your life?  Do you know, is it likely to be something different for all of us?  Well this is my personal feeling.

The one thing you can give is TIME, it is something you cannot get back, change or make go away. It is precious, a great gift for us in this life it moves and it takes us along with it, and the end of each day is like a tomb closing never to be experienced again.

Make time for “You” this new year, say “I “am going to value me, I will make myself important and how I give back to myself is very key to my life.

Life today is rushing and multi tasking and during this time we forget that we are who we are, we become an extension of the hustle and bustle of daily life, we work, exercise, so much multi tasking….So then what about 2013?  It is a year to be Kind to YOU.

I guess I am saying manage your time well. You may think it is crazy, but let me explain, if you’re going on holiday you need, a checklist, clothes, tickets, money, your house needs to be locked up, you need to organise transport as well don’t you?

So why can’t you do the same with time? For you, plan each week or month whatever you wish to do, what is best for you.  Allow some time for YOU

It is valuable and do you know what it will do – it will EMPOWER YOU….give some healing to your hectic life.  If you need help or would like to know more, please leave a comment below, use my contact page.



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