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Feelings……we always remember how we felt.

Following the death of President Bush, Sully his service dog accompanied the former president’s remains to Washington DC for the state funeral. The world caught view of the dog sleeping next to the coffin.

He was trained to help, to do simple tasks we all take for granted. He only spent a short time with the former President, from mid 2018 but Sully gave help, kindness, understanding his masters needs, with fierce loyalty, he left a profound feeling on the congregation and world at large who tuned in we will never forget that day, because the over whelming feelings that Sully left on all those who looked on.

Sully warmed the hearts of nation, he served his master with diligence, a strong support, he will go on doing this for the foreseeable future We admire such loyalty but why is it that we struggle so much to be loyal ourselves. This is not just a quality of animals.

How we make each other feel is very important, because we can make or break the feel good factor of those around us. You will always be remembered for the feeling you left a person with. Your words, or thoughts can be forgotten like dust blowing in wind, but how you left them feeling will be ingrained in their subconscious.

Every action we take, what we say, will arouse feelings, Take moment to scan your memory what feelings stick in your mind what action created that memory to live with you for years, good or bad.

Imagine how person who is deaf hears for the first time, or when a blind person can see again, after living in darkness Or the depth of feelings if someone has been lost within themselves then suddenly feel awake again.

One of the most profound feelings I have experienced, was watching the INVICTUS games, the name is derived from the Latin which means unconquered It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded sick and injured service personnel and personifies what these gracious men and women achieve post their injuries. The games harness the power of sport to inspire recovery.

Loosing a body part, has a devastating effect depression will be one first strong emotions, perhaps with thoughts of suicide, Sport helps them to recover, invictus games challenges minds, changes lives.

Watching these men and women challenge themselves, through sport, fills anyone who cares to watch or even stop to think about it, with admiration, making one feel strong, feeling that challenge is not just about physical body but determination of mind soul.

The new year is here 2019, blasts forth at midnight on December 31st, during the coming year stop and think before you act remember, not just your feelings but others, think before you speak, your actions can have good or negative effect, choose words carefully Where ever you go whatever you do leave in the minds of those whom you come across with good feelings in their heart for that is representation of who you are.

Just as Sully the service dog left us with feelings of loyalty tenderness, hope compassion that we will never forget. I wish everyone Happy, Peaceful, Healthy New Year, filled with fun light and laughter.


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