My Spirit Guide

I have an unusual gift which has manifested over many years, but during the last thirty years I have missed out a very important part of this journey, this is the first time I am sharing with my followers, the presence of my Spirit Guide. I have always called myself Intuitive, but it is much more than that, its deep its gift, the manifestation of this has not been just about me, I have been guided, by a spiritual being. Who is no longer on this earth Let me explain, I believe that within our physical body, not our organs, or the tissue but deep within is our spirit our soul It is an energy I feel that makes us who we are, that part of us, which has life everlasting, who makes me who I am and you
who you are.

Many years ago in my early teens I became aware of this part of me, I have searched endlessly  to connect with that inner part. As a fourteen year old girl, I had no idea that it was my spirit that lay deep within my being. But I knew this essence was, inside me. How did I know, I just had this unquestionable profound feeling, I tried to touch it, reach out to it, even look for it until I became dizzy, it constantly frustrated me, like an itch on back of your neck. Looking back I can only say that I was trying to walk before I could run, it took me many years to learn the lessons in life that I was supposed to. It was road that had many bumps but here I am today far more knowledgeable, but still thirsty for more. It makes no difference if your six or ninety we all keep on learning, it is not an age issue it is a soul issue.

During these early years that  I kept feeling that I was not alone, in fact I would look over my shoulder and feel I caught a glimpse of something but then it was gone, as fast as it appeared. I often took walks in greenery because nature soothes the soul, if you walk inhale smell the flowers in your nostrils, that is wonderful thing.

Over the last thirty years the feeling that I was not alone has grown stronger, I would discover many things  come into my mind about life, people who consulted me, it was like I was being given telepathic messages from this higher consciousness. I took this spiritual  hand allowed it to guide me along this path to where I am today.

Spirit has taught me endless lessons, about life, death and the essence of existence. I will share  this with you from an open heart pure mind, for our higher goodness which  can only bestow blessings. I am thankful that I have been touched guided by this spirit

Everyone has someone  spiritually who looks after them, some say its an angel, some say its their grandma, but we are never alone, Being alone is state mind not a reality. When we came into the world we came alone, when we leave the same is true, This Is the Order it can never be changed.

When I first began working as Intuitive my first encounters were with mediumship, it was quite unsettling, when you awake in the middle of night and feel a presence of? I have learnt that this is connecting with the spiritual energy of those souls who are no longer with us. I can even do this with a photograph Spirit always take me to show me the time in their life when they were most happy, and uplifted. A window in that time zone gives peace Comfort to loved ones.

The lessons I have been taught I will share.