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By May 11, 2017mind body spirit
One of the great things about my work is that I am able to visit various locations of Como Hotels and Resorts. I was there Late April to early May 2017, as part of the Curry sisters yoga retreat.
In addition to nature, the environment, and the cuisine, one of the greatest gifts at this resort is the skills of the Balinese and expatriate Therapists,
After a long week, I decided to have a massage with NEFRAT, a tall, well built Balinese man with huge hands that had the touch of a lamb. Comoshambhala, the Spa/wellness resort, overlooks the wetlands on the back side of  the resort, with the sound of birds and nature adding to the soothing, the relaxing. Comoshambhala combines modern science with ancient healing.
I decided to have the Comoshambhala signature massage.  This employs a mixture of signature oils blended together. The massage calms the mind, soothes away stress and totally re-balances the body.  I walked into the room with its white walls and view over the wetlands, climbed onto the table, and drifted into sheer bliss.
My therapist swept his hands from the top of my head to the end of my foot, long strokes crushing the knotted muscles.  The long strokes lulled my being into deep relaxation. After one side was completed he then covered me over with soft spun cotton, and did the same sweeping strokes on the other side of my body. A hot towel was then swept over my feet and I turned over. How I wished I did not have to move, but alas, the upper part of my body was nourished in just the same way, long sweeping strokes with hands that knew exactly where every knot lurked beneath the skin. The treatment was finished with the intricate space of my head, till i was rejuvenated from head to toe. The mind, body and spirit are nurtured, and all my inner and outer creases were swept away.
What is so nurturing at Comoshambhala, is each therapist brings a little bit of Asia to their work, that unique, safe, caring and gentle energy.  When cultivated into the Comoshambhala signature massage it is a total winner with everyone.
If you cannot get to the resort, then try the Urban Comoshambhala in Miami (Metropolitan Miami by Como) or the Urban Escape in London Park Lane, and Bangkok.
Wellness does not have to be a word that you keep reading, it is a therapy you can indulge yourself in on a weekly basis.  Massage is an excellent opportunity to experience this.  Seek, and you will find.
– Susan King Intuitive, Emotional Healer, Spiritual Advisor

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  • Scott Troxel says:

    I have recently experienced the love loss of a runaway bride and I have found that a weekly one and a half hour massage, and the personal committment to self that this gift gives is a very healing, relaxing endeavor. I find it a self value giving ritual.

    • Susan says:

      Dear Scott
      I am so very sorry for your loss, it is awfully painful, that grip of butterflies gone mad in your stomach, the only thing I can tell you is that time will heal your pain. Just take one day at time, let out anything your feeling if you have no one to talk to then write it down.
      Whatever caused this person to run is fear within them, it was Not You,
      I think in time you will feel sorry for her. Wherever she is there will be no happiness just feelings of guilt.
      Do not blame yourself Scott.

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