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Clarity & Peace of Mind


Intuition is knowing without knowing, she looks at your life with a fresh lens. She works by receiving images and pictures in her mind’s eye. Like a daydream, an involuntary “movie” plays in her mind as she connects with you. She sees the most minute details of your life (past, present, and future), the sources of your joy, heartache and fear. Without you having to say word, Susan provides guidance, and reassurance to facilitate truly emotional healing.

With just one session with Susan, her clients leave with a fresh new perspective on life, a deeper knowing of the truth of who they are, and newfound wisdom to support them in moving forward in making major life-changing decisions. Consult with her if you are confused, anxious, stressed, or not sure in which direction to go; are worried about your career path or your relationship with your partner (poor communication, infidelity, pain, anger); or looking to make major life changes. Her insights leave her clients with no doubt. A bespoke consultation that fits no other shoe, her gift of second sight is without doubt extraordinary!