Everyone seeks a good relationship. The balance of our life thrives on this energy! We have no peace of mind without it, as it eats away at us. If you watch mist the way it swirls and hangs over water in the early dawn then this is the ideal way that we should have harmony with relationships.

Now that is not to say that we will not go through difficult times, we will. We cannot have the sun without the moon, light without darkness, laughter without sadness, and joy without tears, they go hand in hand and they are distinct opposites. Relationships are also dealing with opposites, and we have to understand blend and listen.

The world is full of disharmony, especially in relationships; personal or business. We are all human and subject to the pain and anguish that relationships can bring. The behaviour, of a partner! Trying to read what they mean. Or is he or she having an affair! Is my boss trying to get rid of me? It can take the happiness out of our life as fast as turning off a lamp.

Can you see the other person’s view point, listen to what they say, calm your mind, by breathing control, which I can explain to you. Instead of going over what is wrong as we often do, we need to focus on how we make it right. Sometimes the obvious is in our face and we just cannot see it. All too often we don’t have time anymore for those important people in our lives! How do we get this time! Today it is said we can have it all?

Can we? If we see a table full of succulent food can we put this all in our mouth at once?

If you are looking for unbiased relationship advice, then please contact me. I will give you new perspective, guidance, and help you to see your situation clearer, with greater understanding of your partner and how to deal with them! If you have met someone new and you wish to know how you may blend with them send me their and your photo?

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