O, The Oprah Magazine

Susan Casey wrote.

Susan Casey, Editor in Chief of O, The Oprah Magazine, a publication that totes 16 million readers, confirming that Oprah Magazine featured Susan King, due to her world talent, and was subsequently interviewed about that story on the national radio program “Tell Me More” stating, in part “There is great competition for space in this magazine’s pages and the choice to devote a feature to Ms. King demonstrates her leadership in a unique field, one that has much relevance to our
readership. I do not know of anyone else who is working at Ms. King’s level in this field…Her advice and guidance have helped countless people navigate the complex shoals of life. O, The Oprah Magazine’s tagline is “Live Your Best Life,” and we take this mission seriously. Many of our stories have been showcased…[have] unparalleled cultural influence.”

Donna Karan

Donna Karan wrote.

Donna Karan, a fashion designer icon, philanthropist and elite business woman, stating “I often rely on the guidance of motivational speakers, life coaches and healers to help me work and live efficiently. Sometimes that means thinking outside of the box and using modern methods to find the balance in such a busy life. The one person who has been able to help me with this is psychic Susan King. For over a decade, I have considered her not just a guiding light in my life…the vision, support and guidance she has for me and my future have been crucial in decisions that I have had to make over the years. Decisions that have had a great impact on my personal, and professional life.

Elle Canada

Noreen Flanagan wrote.

Noreen Flanagan, Editor-In-Chief of Elle Canada. Elle Canada is Canada’s leading fashion and beauty magazine with more than 1.6 million readers and the highest per reader copy ratio in the country. Elle Canada was recently honored with a gold metal in writing at the National Magazine Awards – a first for any fashion magazine in the Award’s history, stating “I had the great pleasure of being the handling editor for the column that Susan King wrote for us starting in 2007. At that time we wanted to re-imagine our advice column…I approached Susan after I had read numerous interviews with her in notable international fashion magazines…Susan has a rare and unusual gift – and our readers responded to that making it one of the most popular sections of the magazines…We consider Susan our go-to interview expert.”

Spa Magazine USA

Shari Mycek wrote.

Seven years ago, Como Shambhala CEO Christina Ong was introduced by mutual friend and fashion icon Donna Karan to intuitive Susan King, who writes a column for Elle Canada and wrote and hosted Britain’s Sixth Sense television show in the ’90s. In addition to seeing private clients in London, New York, and Miami, King now also offers intuitive counseling at the Como Shambhala spas at The Metropolitan in London, Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos, and Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri in Bali, Indonesia.

I had a series of sessions with King both at Parrot Cay and by phone, and the feeling I had afterward was one of relief and comfort as it turns out, King’s guidance was right on.

London Evening Standard

I noticed the mention of Susan King, whom I saw a few times when I lived in London in the late 80’s. Anyone know her whereabouts? I heard she moved back to thestates andI would love to contact her again. She was wonderful!


London Times

I wanted answers – do I stay with him or do I go? Is this the year I buy a flat? Will it all be OK in the end? Susan looks into a person’s past and future and offers guidance and reassurance. After describing my boyfriend with frightening accuracy, she reassured me that I would soon gain the clarity I needed to make a decision. After meeting Susan, I knew it would all be Ok.

Elle Magazine, UK

Elle UK: By her third statement I was laughing, It was remarkable. It was ridiculous. It was outrageous.
A woman who I had never met before told me, accurately how many brothers and sisters I had, where I’d live the initials and names of people that I know, along with minute details of their lives. She pin pointed traumatic or significant events. Described precisely the nature of my work, and told me of my current plans.

Elle Magazine, Canada

Intuitive counsellor to the jet-set fashion and music crowd, Susan King is always ready to offer her inspired insights.

Zest Magazine (UK)

At first it seems astonishing that someone could know so many details about me: My life, my family
and friends, but when Susan was talking to me it seemed perfectly normal she should know so much.
Her warm, grounded and caring manner made her session seem like therapy.

I found the session liberating, a great emotional release.

I would recommend anyone who is seeking guidance or who wants to make sense of confusion see her.fer her inspired insights.

Business Magazine UK

I am anything but a natural believer in the paranormal…..however there was one statement involving the name of someone whom I am currently working with on a particular project, that was totally specific, that had not cropped up in any way in our discussion and that she could not possibly have known about.

It left me pondering.

Cosmopolitan UK

I went to see Susan after a recommendation from a friend. She’s a fantastic lady with the most extraordinary intuitive sense. Through a fascinating visualization process she can transport herself into your world. She had a great insight into both my personal and professional life and produced details that blew me away. It is the closest I have ever come to having my mind read.

When I left I instantly wanted to know more.

Creative Director US

Everything Susan said was accurate about my family and friends. She named people by their first names and her predictions of my future proved to be correct. I have seen many spiritual counsellors in the past but none of them have been as accurate as Susan. Her calm manner immediately puts you at ease and I feel when I am with her it is like talking to a friend. I can call her at any time and she always welcomes me.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Susan King. I had such a positive experience. Susan’s delivery of the information she was seeing was done in a very comforting and honest manner Her visions were a direct reflection of my life. The experience was quite moving and enlightening and has helped me put at ease with several issues I was facing.

As for the future time will tell.

Elizabeth, New York

I just wanted to thank you I do not know how much to express how much you have helped me today. What you do is wonderful, And it has give me back a sense of peace and hope

Thank you.

Jaqui, London

I went to Susan King for some direction and guidance in my life and meeting her was a remarkably incredible and positive experience. She made me feel so comfortable explaining how she works. She then told me things about myself so I knew that she was credible.

I am really intrigued because although susan treated me like an old friend and made me feel so comfortable, the fact is she does not know me at all, it shows she is a woman blessed with a special gift.

Having seen other spiritual counselors in the past what I appreciated most was that Susan does not scare monger or speak negatively, but instead gives constructive and sincere advice.

I wold definitely recommend a visit to Susan for anyone who is needing some guidance or advice about their life.


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